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“I have loved to the point of madness – that which is called madness, to me, is the only way to love.” – Anon

What happens when we love too much or too deep? When we love the wrong person, at the wrong time, in the wrong place? What if love is forbidden, foretold, or forsaken? When you betray, or are betrayed, by one you love, or in the name of love? When love is unrequited or misplaced?

What happens when love and principles collide? When we cannot have love and still abide by our personal code of honour? Or when love challenges the principles we believe in absolutely? When to love is to be dishonoured, and to be honourable is to be lost?

What happens when the foundations of our reality crack and tremble?

Madness lurks on the edges, at the extremes of love and hate, where contradictions collide and hopelessness and despair lurk.

Here grow my tales of epic fantasy, in the cracks, in the moment of fracture, at the point of no return. Against the backdrop of good and evil, we explore the darkness in us all.

Epic Fantasy Books, Characters and Short Stories

Please take the time to visit here, explore my worlds and meet my characters. From time to time a free short story may be available, or links to any short stories I may have published.

Writing Resources

Here you will find links to a myriad of resources, including tips on how to write, articles on creative writing, world-building, plotting and character development, guides to writing query letters and querying literary agents, book reviews of your favourite authors and new books, and occasionally details of short story and other competitions or calls for submissions.


Sunset Warrior

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